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Our firm is focused on basic principles of service that include mutual respect, diligence and dedication. In each case, our Northborough, MA attorneys seek optimal results that take into account the unique goals and interests of the clients we serve.

Our Practice Areas Include:

Northborough, MA Estate Planning Attorneys

Most of us will live to normal life expectancies and enjoy good health. Unfortunately, however, there is always the possibility that an accident or illness could make us dependent upon others. It is important to have a carefully designed estate plan. Learn more about our Northborough, MA estate planning attorneys.

Real Estate Attorneys in Northborough, MA

We take time to learn the individual needs and interests of each land use or zoning matter that we encounter. Our firm is built on long-standing business relationships formed through trust and delivered results. Learn more about our Real Estate services.

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Should Your Investment Property Be In An LLC?

"The choice of the right business entity for your investment real estate is an important decision. It is driven by many factors and can have numerous consequences. It is extremely important to work with your legal and professional advisers to determine the correct form of entity that will be used..."